Tommy Rettig

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Played Jeff Miller on the original Lassie TV Series. Also co-starred with Tony Dow in the teen soap opera Never Too Young.

Where are they now?

s Tom grew older, he had trouble landing acting roles. Had a couple incidents with the law concerning drugs, but charges dropped. He became a motivational speaker, then became a database software author, employed by Ashton-Tate. Mr. Rettig passed away February 15, 1996, from a heart attack at the age of 54.


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2 responses to “Tommy Rettig”

  1. EE ah KEEEE says:

    Jeff, why don’t you answer? Lassie take this message to Jeff. Jeff, found this funny herb Gramps was growing behind the 4H club that now helps me understand that Charlie Parker music. Please bring Crack pipe, Porky.

  2. -john says:

    Tommy had the staring role (Bart Collins) in “The 5000 Fingers of Dr. T” in 1953, which was a live actor production of a Dr. Suess screenplay. The movie was as bizzare, psychedelic, and “out-there” as any of his subsequent animated productions. I have always loved the duet sung by Bart and Mr. Zabladowski (the plummer). It is a rare sweet and tender scene between a boy and a man who is not his father; something you will not see in movies these days.

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