Ugly Kid Joe

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Satirically named in response to glam rockers “Pretty Boy Floyd”, UKJ’s debut single “Everything About You” helped propel their “Ugly As They Want To Be” EP to become the first debut EP to attain multi-platinum status.

Where are they now?

They charted again in ’93 covering “Cats In the Cradle” and released “Motel California” in ’95 before calling it quits in ’97.
Whitfield Crane has teamed up with Faith No More’s John Hudson and lives in San Francisco.

Shannon Larkin has joined Godsmack

Roger Lahr has started his own group called Moxie.

Dave Fortman has opened his own studio called Balance Studios and is working as a record producer


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2 responses to “Ugly Kid Joe”

  1. Bryan says:

    They just released a new album in 2015 titled: Uglier than they used to be

  2. Elizabeth says:

    When will ya’ll come to San Antonio,Tx :)!!!

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