Vanilla Ice

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Pre-dated Eminem by a decade as the first “white” rapper to hit the charts with 2 top-10 albums and a (failed) feature film. He was also an accomplished motorcycle racer and named by People magazine as one of the “50 most beautiful people” of 1990.

Where are they now?

His music career fizzled after 9 months. Virtually bankrupt by the early 90s Vanilla Ice was forced to supplement his income by cycle racing and touring overseas. A much publicized descent into drugs and obscurity forced Ice to clean-up his “act” and, after the birth of his daughter, return to touring and recording. Currently in smaller and little-known venues.
October 2004: Currently appearing on a reality TV show in the UK, called The Farm, where celebrities have to run a farm.


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2 responses to “Vanilla Ice”

  1. Steven Chudobiak says:

    Hi. My name is Steve. 2005 I was working at a subway restaurant in a small city named Prince Albert, Saskatchewan, Canada. This is such a pathetic town. The casino always goes for the lowest bidder for theie venues. So. Of course, Vanilla Ice dropped by the city and did a performance for about 3 or 4 hundered people. The show was over at 2 am. I was working till 3 am. And lo and behold, Vanilla Ice walked in with a few buddies or groupies and ordered a Chicken teriaki Sub. I was so busy that I never noticed who it was until a bunch of kids came through the door and said, “That’s him!”
    I wish I had the opportunity to talk to him! Damn!

  2. Cellogirl says:

    Appeared on reality show “Hit Me Baby One More Time”.

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