Vistoso Bosses

Vistoso Bosses

Real Name:
A.k.a: Vistoso Bosses
Submitted by: Joanne
Posted Date: 2014-01-18
Last Modified: 2020-01-17

Claim to fame: Vistoso Bosses were an American R&B duo made up of Taylah P. and Kelci from Atlanta Georgia. They debuted with the single Delirious produced by STJAMES features Soulja Boy Tell ‘Em taken from their 2009 album Confetti.They are also the first ladies signed to the Collipark Label founded by Mr. Collipark aka Michael Crooms. They also are featured on Space Cowboy’s new album: the song Party Like Animal. The duo split up in late 2010.

What happened to: Vistoso Bosses

Where are they now? Sorry, we don’t seem to know where they are now, however we are working our tails off trying to track down this information. In the mean time, please use the Comments section below to provide our readers with any additional information or updates you may have.

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Vistoso Bosses