Vladimir Kulich

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Played the enignmatic Viking chieftain and hero, Buliwyf [Beowolf], in The 13th Warrior which also featured Antonio Banderas. After The 13th Warrior, he appeared in some B movies and as a “big bad” called, The Beast in the now defunct Joss Whedon tv series, Angel.

Where are they now?

Based on his performance in The 13th Warrior, along with his height, commanding presence, and appearance, this handsome blond actor has often been mentioned as a possibility for the movie Thorbut now he is probably too old to be cast in that role if a Thor movie ever gets made. The Czech-born, Canada-bred actor, lives in the Los Angeles area and is still seeking new acting opportunites, but was recently spotted skating in a celebrity hockey match called Freeze the Disease, to raise funds for cystic fibrosis. His fellow-actors also playing in this hockey match were Jason Priestly, Michael Vartan, and Vincent Spano.

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