Walter Edward Cox

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Bud Cort, born March 29, 1948. His most famous role to date: ‘Harold Chasen’ in Harold and Maude (1971). Awarded, from France, a Crystal Star for Best Actor for this film. Also became typecast because of it and left filmmaking for 5 years. Reported to have turned down the part of Billy Bibbit in One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest because director Milos Forman wouldn’t give him Jack Nicholson’s role.

Where are they now?

He lived for a time in France and returned to US filmmaking in 1977. In 1979, Bud Cort was nearly killed in a car accident where he suffered a fractured skull, severe facial lacerations, the loss of several teeth, and a broken arm and leg. He survived, but due to the medical necessities of his accident, he endured years of plastic surgery and physical therapy, lost the court case for the accident, and saw his blooming career slip away from him. Bud Cort currently lives in Southern California, where he still acts in theater, film, television, and does voice-over work. His most recent film is The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou which is scheduled for release in December 2004.


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5 responses to “Walter Edward Cox”

  1. anthony way says:

    jeez that stinks :/ brewsterr mccloud is a **** fine performance

  2. Just saw H&M for the third time....fabulous story says:

    However, I went in search of “where is Bud Cort now?” because I thought his performance was extraordinary; he was an absolute peer to veteran stellar actor, Ruth Gordon. It doesn’t get any better than that…!! Thanks for this on-going delight…it never gets old.

  3. Peggy Beads says:

    I had such a crush on Bud Cort the first time I saw “the film” when it came out my junior year in college! (At the time, I was dating a guy who’s first name was Cort, which gave me a sense of cosmic coincidence.) My former college beau passed into history mere months after we saw that brilliant film, however my admiration for the singular Mr Cort is as fresh as it was that cold night in a dark movie house in a small Cental IL town, back in 1971.

    Just the other night, I was delighted to watch “the film” again on TV. It’s STILL one of my all-time fave flix. I was beaucoup impressed with Mr Cort’s witty, intelligent, and spare performance. Not a single gesture or facial expression was wasted.

    If I knew the actors in this film were to receive their fair residuals, I’d buy it in a heartbeat, to add to my DVD collection. In the mean time, in between time, my fondest hope is that next year, when I move to Southern CA, to be with my current beau, we might have the opportunity to see Mr Cort ply his art, live in-person, on the stage.

  4. Walter Cox says:

    Mr.Cort did turn down “Cuckoo’s Nest” but only because he did not want to play Billy Bibbitt
    after Harold. Jack Nicholson was not being mentioned at that point-it was out to a different actor. Cort jokingly recommended himself to Milos Forman for the part of McMurphy-as the other actor had not committed .Cort turned down every film part for 5 years after Harold as they were all strange or crazy parts and he did not want to be typecast. He worked constantly in theater where he was not typecast-and finally accepted an Italian film opposite Marcel Bozzuffi (the Conformist) where he played the leader of a communist youth group in this political thriller.

  5. Walter Cox says:

    Bud Cort had one facial surgery at a hospital immediately at the time of the accident, and one revision on his lip one year later to successfully remove a noticeable scar. He did not endure years of plastic surgery. His blooming career did not slip away from him as anyone who looks at his resume can attest to. His latest role is “The King” in Paramount’s forthcoming animated retelling of “The Little Prince.” Mr. Cort is a member of the Directors Unit of The Actors Studio.He studied acting with the legendary Stella Adler and Bill Hickey among many others.He has been nominated for a Golden Globe ,the British Academy Award, and won the French Academy Crystal Star for Best Actor -all for Harold and Maude.He was the youngest actor ever to be given an Homage at the Cinematheque in Paris-where they screened Harold and Maude, Brewster McCloud, and Why Shoot
    The Teacher-and Mr.Cort was introduced by Jacques Tati.

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