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He was the start of a YACK sitcom (Yet-Another-Cute-Kid – hey, I just invented that acronym…) by the same title, which ran from 1983-1989.

Where are they now?

“Graduated from Clark Atlanta University in 1997 with a theatre-arts degree; founded his own music label, Emmanuel Lewis Entertainment in June 2000; has guest starred in various shows such as Family Matters, Moesha, In The House, Malcom & Eddie, & G vs E” — 80’s Sitcom Stars
(the GvsE cameo was priceless). He is also reputed to have a black belt in karate and is a martial arts expert.
Update Apr/04: Hooper_X reports “As of 2002 lived in Atlanta, Georgia, drives a HUGE Ford Expedition that may-or-may-not be customized for his frame.”


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