Yvonne Craig

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Yvonne Craig starred in various 50’s & 60’s movies such as By Love Possessed, The Gene Krupa Story and How To Frame a Figg, at one time dated Elvis Presley; she is most remebered for her role as Batgirl in the final season of the ABC television series in 1968-69.

Where are they now?

After Batman she guest starred on Star Trek, Starsky & Hutch and The Six Million Dollar Man. But when she decided to stop accepting “Bubblehead in the Bikini” roles, no further roles were forthcoming. She co-produced industrial shows and an independent film before entering into real estate. She married an attorney in 1988.


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3 responses to “Yvonne Craig”

  1. Lou Cabrazzi says:

    She was freaking hot, eh?
    Where is she now?
    She’s ******* dead as a door nail, dude.

  2. Pointer Lou Cabrazzi says:

    She’s also fugging dead as a door nail, dude.

  3. Lou Cabrazzi says:

    I said she was fugging hot, eh?

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