Yvonne DeCarlo

Yvonne DeCarlo

Real Name: Yvonne DeCarlo
Category: Show Biz
Submitted by: Bob Sacamano
Posted Date: 2011-10-13
Last Modified: 2019-12-17

Beautiful, Canadian-born actress of the 1940s & 1950s actually “retired” in the late 1950s to devote herself to her marriage and childrearing. Her “comeback” in the 1960s catapulted her to cult-fame status following her role as Lily Munster on the popular TV series the Munsters Yvonne actually enjoyed a career renewal portraying motherly roles in horror films throughout the 1970s & 1980s.

What happened to:

Yvonne enjoyed fame and celebrity in horror movies and “Munster” reunions into the 1990s. Suffering a stroke Yvonne finally retired from the limelight and settled into a quiet life in California.


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Yvonne DeCarlo