Zsa Zsa Gabor

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The beautiful, extravagant, 9-times married Hungarian actress has made her mark as a movie star, model, icon, subject of glamour and controversy as well as her most recent marriage (since 1986-her longest!-to a foreign Prince)which has actually made her into a real Princess! Zsa Zsa has made a career out of thumbing her nose to middle (and old!)age and had remained a symbol of glitz & glamour well into her 80s.

Where are they now?

In 2002 Zsa Zsa was involved in a tragic auto crash which rendered her nearly comatose and permanently disabled. She remains an invalid in the care of the Motion Picture & Television Fund health care center in southern California. Update July 8/2005: Zsa Zsa in critical but stable condition in hospital after suffering stroke.


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  1. Joyce says:

    After several trips to the hospital for a blood clot in her leg, she had half of her leg amputated in 2010. She currently lives with her husband, Prince Frederick Von Ahault.

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