Childhood Stars Category

Corey Feldman

A.k.a. Kinky Finkelstein, was the little blonde haired kid in the movies: The Goonies , The Lost Boys, Friday the Thirteenth a new beginning. He also divorced his parents and got 1 million dollars that he spent on drugs....Read More

Tommy Norden

Tommy Norden played Bud Ricks, the hapless younger brother on the TV series Flipper (NBC, 1964-1968)...Read More

Lance Kerwin

Popular and highly appealing child/juvenile actor in the 70s, Lance Kerwin is best known for his coming-of-age role in the TV series ‘James at 15’ and other folksy, down-home shows such as The Family Holvak...Read More

Pamelyn Ferdin

Arguably one of the BUSIEST child actresses of the 1960s and 70s. Pretty, red-haired, nasal-voiced girl played literally dozens of roles in films, TV, and famous for her voice-over roles in Charlotte’s Web and as the origina...Read More

Linda Blair

This pretty, girl-next-door, TV actress since age 6, was chosen out of 600 possibles to portray the demon-possesed Regan MacNeil in William Blatty’s blockbuster hit of 1973 the Exorcist. Her depth of character and convincing...Read More

Gloria Jean

Child actress and singer–made numerous movies. Starred with Bing Crosby and W.C. Fields just to name two.. Had a magnificent voice....Read More

Peter Ostrum

He was the only boy who could have ever played Charlie Buckett in the 1971 hit film Willy Wonka and the Chocolate factory However this was his one and only venture into acting....Read More

Susan Olsen

Susan Olsen played Cindy Brady in television sitcom The Brady Bunch...Read More

Eve Plumb

Eve Plumb played Jan Brady in the television sitcom the Brady Bunch....Read More

Michael Lookinland

Michael Lookinland played Bobby Brady in television sitcom The Brady Bunch....Read More