Has Beens of the Future Category

Sarah Palin

For a few moments there back in those carefree days of …september, it seemed she breathed new life into the Republican campaign, but it wasn’t long before she mortified pundits and cheerleaders with a succession of mor...Read More

Ann Coulter

In a nutshell, she is a fashionably blonde xenophobe who thinks “liberal” is a slur and in own words “”We should invade their countries, kill their leaders and convert them to Christianity” She has se...Read More

The Runaway Bride

No claim to fame. She chickened out of her wedding. Nobody cares. The media seems to, they won’t SHUT UP about her and some brain dead publishing company ( ReganMedia) has bought her story for $500K....Read More

Justin Guarini

Was the runner up on the talent show American Idol he had a flopped feature film with Kelly Clarkson and a CD that sold roughly 100 000 copies....Read More

Paris Hilton

Rich, spoiled and talentless; part of the “reality” TV scourge. Owing to the amateur “Paris Hilton sex video” she did in 1999 with then boyfriend Rick Solomon, she is currently the feature attraction in ove...Read More

Jessica Lynch

In America, you are just as likely to be labelled a hero for screwing up and surviving as you are for actually doing something heroic. Case in point: Jessica Lynch, who basically took a wrong turn while on a supply detail, wound u...Read More

Billy Bush

He was a radio talk show host who poked at the big time as host of the remade Lets Make a Deal game show. He is cousin to “Baby Bush” George W Bush and nephew to “Papa Bush” George H W Bush....Read More

Clay Aiken

The no-talent vaudeville reject who needs to take his winnings from American Idol and get some voice lessons as well as a personality before his record comes out. The fact that he even made it to the top 10 proves that the ‘...Read More

Donald Rumsfeld

He is currently basking in the glory of war. It is a miracle this man is in the limelight at all, he was widely regarded as “politically dead”, without any serious political potential. Alas, since GWB failed in creatin...Read More

Joe Millionaire

The tall hunky star of the reality series “Joe Millionaire” whose 15 minutes seem to on the verge of elapsing as we speak. He is currently doing KFC endorsements with Jason Alexander...Read More