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Gilbert Vincent Gerard

Most Famous is as Captain William “Buck” Rogers. NBC 1979- 1981 television show. He started his television career in the soap opera The Doctors 1973-1976. In college while persuing his degree in chemistry, he became bi...Read More

Dr.Elmo Shropshire & Patsy (Trigg) Shropshire

Veterinarian Dr.Elmo Shropshire and wife Patsy Trigg Shropshire enjoyed a “side” career as a comedy-bluegrass duo in California clubs before becomming annual holiday celebrities with their surprise hit record of 1984 G...Read More

Mariana McNulty

Philadelphia born Mariana McNulty played a variety of minor film roles before bleaching her brunette hair and gaining instant stardom in the Blondie movies from 1938 until 1950....Read More

John Herbert Frid

Canadian-born John Herbert Frid served in the Royal Canadian Navy during WWII and later performed with the Royal Academy of Drama in England. A respected Shakespearean actor Frid earned a masters degree in Drama and Directing from...Read More

Jennifer Grey

Jennifer Grey was born on March 26, 1960 in New York, New York, USA. She is the daughter of broadway actor Joel Grey. She made a tremendous hit in the movie Dirty Dancing. Before she starred in this, she played Matthew Broderick&#...Read More

Lynda Carter

Lynda Carter, who is of native Mexican and American heritage was born on July 24, 1951 in Phoenix, Arizona. She gained fame in the late 70’s with the popular TV show Wonder Woman where she played the lovely Diana Prince. Bef...Read More

Carrie Fisher

Carrie Fisher is best known as Princess Leia from the hit movie Star Wars. It may seem like she had it all, however Fisher’s childhood was not perfect. Her father, Eddie Fisher left her mother Debbie Reynold for Elizabeth Ta...Read More

Mark Hamill

Mark Hamill, who played Luke Skywalker in the 1977 Star Warswas born on September 25, 1951, in Oakland, California. Hamill grew up in many different states as his father was a captain in the U.S. Navy. His major was drama at Los A...Read More

Linda Hamilton

Linda Hamilton was born on September 26, 1956 in Salisbury, Maryland, USA. She has an identical twin and an older sister and younger brother. Linda started acting at a very young age. She never thought she would make a career out ...Read More

Julie Newmar

She made her career in various broadway productions and due to her looks, as a pinup girl, but her main passion was “to be funny”. She is best remembered for her role as Catwoman in the Batman television series....Read More