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Margret Ruth Kidder

Plucky, smoky-voiced, Canadian born brunette made several American films throughout the late 1960s & 1970s before audiences took notice in Brian DePalma’s eerie thriller Sisters in 1973. More roles followed before becom...Read More

Walter Edward Cox

Bud Cort, born March 29, 1948. His most famous role to date: ‘Harold Chasen’ in Harold and Maude (1971). Awarded, from France, a Crystal Star for Best Actor for this film. Also became typecast because of it and left fi...Read More

Amanda Peterson

Amanda Peterson played opposite Patrick Dempsey in the 80′ smash hit movie: Can’t buy me love as the beautiful Cindy Mancini. Before that she was a child actor i.e. Annie the movie and some others....Read More

Karen Lynn Gorney

Played Stephanie Mangano, the love interest of John Travolta in the smash film Saturday Night Fever....Read More

Demond Wilson

Played Lamont Stanford, the infamous son of a junk collector on Sanford & Son....Read More

Keri Russell

The star of the WB’s college angst drama, Felicity...Read More

Lucy Lawless

Played female conan type in Xena Warrior Princess with aplomb, and still managed to look tasty, even if the occasional camera angle made her look a little butch during fight sequences (a bit too much teeth gnashing I think..)...Read More

Samantha Mathis

Was a “shiny new penny” of the early ninety’s, with memorable and leading roles in Pump Up The Volume (1990), Little Women (1994) and Jack and Sarah (1995)....Read More

Estelle Sher Gettleman

First noticed on Broadway playing the meddlesome Jewish mother in Torch Song Trilogy. Estelle had a few minor roles before hitting it big as the fiesty,out-spoken, 80-year-old Sofia Petrillo in the NBC hit series the Golden Girls ...Read More

James Wayne Stafford

By request: “I cannot find any information about what happened to Jim Stafford. He was a singer and comic popular in the early to mid 70’s, with hit pop songs such as I don’t like spiders & snakes and My Gir...Read More