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Lucy Lawless

Played female conan type in Xena Warrior Princess with aplomb, and still managed to look tasty, even if the occasional camera angle made her look a little butch during fight sequences (a bit too much teeth gnashing I think..)...Read More

Samantha Mathis

Was a “shiny new penny” of the early ninety’s, with memorable and leading roles in Pump Up The Volume (1990), Little Women (1994) and Jack and Sarah (1995)....Read More

Estelle Sher Gettleman

First noticed on Broadway playing the meddlesome Jewish mother in Torch Song Trilogy. Estelle had a few minor roles before hitting it big as the fiesty,out-spoken, 80-year-old Sofia Petrillo in the NBC hit series the Golden Girls ...Read More

James Wayne Stafford

By request: “I cannot find any information about what happened to Jim Stafford. He was a singer and comic popular in the early to mid 70’s, with hit pop songs such as I don’t like spiders & snakes and My Gir...Read More

Dirk Benedict

Actor, had two stand-out successes in his career: Battlestar Galactica and then A-Team....Read More

Billie Hayes

This spry, plucky, multi-talented actress gained attention in the 1950s with her portrayal of Mammy Yokum in the Broadway and film versions of Lil Abner. However, Billie is probably best remembered for her saturday morning TV role...Read More

Billy Redden

This 16-year-old boy from Rabun County, Georgia was the only “authentic” local to play the role of The Banjo Boy in John Boorman’s disturbing hit movie of 1972 Deliverance. Billy was hand-picked from his local el...Read More

Jack Wild

As with many other boy-actors in the London area, he was cast in the stage production of Oliver! and joined with hundreds of other castmates at the audition for the film. Jack won the plum role The Artful Dodger, and was nominated...Read More

Maila Nurmi

Vampira rose to fame in the 1950s as the sexy horror-movie hostess on late-night TV. Pre-dating Elvira by 30 years. Vampira was later blacklisted and reduced to appearing in “independent” productions. Her most famous b...Read More

Donna Douglas

A real-life “country-girl” from Lousiana with a genuine love of animals rose to fame with her sincere portrayal of the animal-loving, hillbilly girl Elly Mae on the long running TV series the Beverly Hillbillies....Read More