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Phoebe Katz

Played the poolside girl Linda Barrett in Fast Times At Ridgemont High, 1982....Read More

Brooke Adams

After starring in Invasion of the Body Snatchers in 1978, she starred in the 1985 chick-flick Key Exchange and then later played the same role in the Broadway remake of it. Also starred in Cuba, The Dead Zone and The Stuff...Read More

Murray Langston

Although he had a lot of comedy work under his belt before then (i.e. Laugh-In, Sonny And Cher), Murray Langston’s career hit a critical mass when he appeared on the Gong Show. He needed the money and didn’t want his f...Read More

Clerow Wilson

He had a very popular comedy/variety series in the 70’s, one on which the largest stars of the day, Dean Martin, John Wayne, Bing Crosby, Lucille Ball, Johnny Carson, et al. were eager to guest on and one of the first shows ...Read More

Roger Hatcher

Tamla Motown Star/soul singer, with hits like “WAR!” “SOS” and “Stop her on sight”...Read More

Barret Oliver

Barret Oliver was an actor in a number of 70-80′ flicks, Twilight Zone, starred in D.A.R.Y.L, Cocoon, The Neverending Story....Read More

Denise Miller

Jessie in TV Movie “Sooner or Later”...Read More

Jan Michael Vincent

Jan Michael Vincent was quite a rising star, Airwolf 1984 movie and subsequent television series, The Mechanic, opposite Charles Bronson, Buster and Billie, Baby Blue Marine, many more too numerous to mention here...Read More

Douglas Barr

Douglas Barr played the lovable, bumbling Howard ‘Howie’ Munson on “The Fall Guy” (1981) TV Series with Lee Majors and Heather Thomas. He also played Colonel William ‘Bill’ Stillfield on “...Read More

Laurence Tureaud

After being a bodyguard for the likes of Mohammed Ali, being a military policeman and a role in Rocky, his career culminated in the role of “BA” on televisions A-Team show....Read More