One Hit Wonders Category

Gary Numan

Enjoyed much success in the UK and Europe with his group Tubeway Army in the late 70’s, his career culminating internationally with his solo hit Cars....Read More


In 1979 Video Killed The Radio Star went #1 (the first #1 hit for Island Records), it also has the distinction of being the first video ever aired on MTV....Read More


Born Brenda Shannon Greene, Washington, DC, USA. A graduate of the American Academy of Dramatic Arts, Shannon is best known for her 1984 US Top 10/UK Top 20 dance classic, “Let The Music Play”. She grew up in Brooklyn,...Read More

Joe Dolce

An Italian who emigrated to Australia and released the novelty song Shaddap You Face in 1980, which is the current standing record for the most successful Australian song released, ever....Read More

Right Said Fred

The bald headed brothers who released what called perhaps the most ubiquitous novelty song of the ’90s”, I’m Too Sexy....Read More


(This is a gag entry) South-western Ontario heavy-rock group of the early 90’s. Had one radio hit Rock and Roll Cliches during the summer of 1994. Also had a brief moment in the media spotlight that same summer after releasi...Read More

Moon Unit Zappa

Daughter of Frank Zappa, single-handedly spawned the “Valley Girl” phenomenon with the song “Valley Girl” in 1982....Read More


“the warrior” is the song...Read More

Dee Snider

Dee Snider was the lead singer of Twisted Sister who released the 80’s metal anthem “We’re Not Going To Take It”. In all fairness, Twisted Sister’s career amounted to more than a “1 hit wonder&#...Read More

Men Without Hats

Safety Dance, 1982. The song was such a big hit, it was parodied by Weird Al Yankovic....Read More