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Nena (a nickname) began in a German punk band in 1977, but enjoyed international success in 1983 when her band also named Nena released 99 Luftballons (99 balloons in German) – the English version of the song was 99 Red Ball...Read More

Starland Vocal Band

Singer-songwriter Bill Danoff together with wife Kathy Nivert teamed with singers Margo Chapman and husband Jon Carrollto form a folksy-rock quartet. With the catchy name “Starland Vocal Band” they became a household w...Read More

Icicle Works

Icicle Works was a British band that scored a hit song in the US with the quirky and mysterious title Whisper to a Scream (Birds Fly). The jangling guitars and martial drumming echoes the similar sound of early REM. Although the s...Read More

Moon Martin

Contrary to the confusion that arose upon his entry into the New Wave music scene Moon Martin is a singer and songwriter, and not the name of a band. Martin had a minor hit with the power pop song Rolenein 1979. However, he is per...Read More


M was the name of a band, but more specifically the band was really revolved around one man named Robin Scott. In 1979, the electronic music revolution got a kick in the pants from this one man band when the imminently listenable ...Read More

Billy Ray Cyrus

One of the most famous one-hit wonders of all time, Cyrus became a household name when his Achy Breaky Heart became one of the biggest songs of 1992. The album, Some Gave All, spent 17 weeks at the top of the charts, selling 9 mil...Read More

Haircut 100

Haircut 100 was one of the new wave bands who regularly appeared on MTV in the early 80s when MTV actually used to show music videos. Fronted by terminally cute Nick Heyward, the band’s signature sound was light, peppy, jangly g...Read More


Another 80s Gender bender. In his early years as a teenager, he became friends with Boy George and began experimenting with his sexuality and image. He took his look from his idol Marilyn Monroe, adopting blonde hair and over-the-...Read More


Had a major hit in the USA with the single ‘Cry’ in 1989 earning an award for the most performed song of 1989...Read More

Ugly Kid Joe

Satirically named in response to glam rockers “Pretty Boy Floyd”, UKJ’s debut single “Everything About You” helped propel their “Ugly As They Want To Be” EP to become the first debut EP to...Read More