One Hit Wonders Category

Carl Douglas

In 1974 Carl was working with the producer Biddu and found himself in need of a b-side for his song I Want To Give You My Everything He literally whipped off Kung Fu Fighting and recorded it in 10 minutes. The A&R department ...Read More

Harold Faltermeyer

The guy who did Axel F. Harold Faltermeyer was Giorgio Moroder’s in-house studio programmer during the 70’s “disco” phase. Cleverly invested his earnings into the legendary “fairlight” sampling ...Read More


They are mainly known for their 1990 hit (Can’t Live Without Your) Love and Respect. Which went #1 in the US. They are also listed in the Guiness Book Of World Records as the third generation of “the only family in his...Read More

Big Country

Early-to-mid 80’s Celtic rockers whose hit In A Big Country sold over 3 million copies, earned them a slot at the Wembley side of Live Aid and were once musical guests on Saturday Night Live...Read More

Dave Loggins

Dave Loggins wrote and sang Please Come To Boston in 1974, peaked in the US at #5. Cousin of Kenny Loggins....Read More

The Singing Nun

This 30ish,Belgian, Dominican Nun known as Sister Luc-Gabrielle became an international star in 1964 with her #1 hit record Dominique However, Sister Luc-Gabrielle-now billed as Soeur Sourire (Sister Smile) felt uncomfortable with...Read More

Tommy Tutone

Early eighties power-pop band founded and led by Tommy Heath and Jim Keller, most remembered for their hit 867-5309 a.k.a. Jenny....Read More

Suzanne Fellini

(By Request): “I am curious what ever happened to Suzanne Fellini. She was a singer who put out an album in 1980 called “Suzanne Fellini” It was on Casablanca Records. The big hit from the album was Love on the P...Read More

Vanilla Ice

Pre-dated Eminem by a decade as the first “white” rapper to hit the charts with 2 top-10 albums and a (failed) feature film. He was also an accomplished motorcycle racer and named by People magazine as one of the ̶...Read More

Norm Greenbaum

Recorded Spirit in the Sky and had a minor follow-on hit Canned Ham in the 60’s....Read More