Jane Norman

Submitted by: Stuntpope

From 1961 to 1976 she was the popular children’s entertainer who modeled after Peter Pan delighted generations of kids with her songs and stories and colorful friends from her “magic forest”....Read More

Bob Denver

Submitted by: Stuntpope

His most famous role was as the goofy Gilligan on the hit sitcom Gilligan’s Island which ran for 3 seasons starting in 1964....Read More

Vistoso Bosses

Submitted by: Joanne

Claim to fame: Vistoso Bosses were an American R&B duo made up of Taylah P. and Kelci from Atlanta Georgia. They debuted with the single Delirious produced by STJAMES features Soulja Boy Tell ‘Em taken from their 2009 a...Read More

Bo Jackson

Submitted by: Stuntpope

From the InfoPlease sports Who’s Who (see references) he “won Heisman Trophy in 1985 and MVP of baseball All-Star Game in 1989; starter for both baseball’s Kansas City Royals and NFL’s LA Raiders in 1988 an...Read More

Jeri Ryan

Submitted by: Weiser

In 1997, Ryan was chosen for a role on the science fiction series ‘Star Trek: Voyager’ as ‘Seven of Nine’, a Borg drone who had been “de-assimilated”, or freed, from the Borg’s collective ...Read More


Submitted by: Daniela

“Take My Breath Away” was the first and last #1 hit single by Berlin, before the band broke up. The song won the Academy Award as well as the Golden Globe in 1986 for Best Original Song, and went on to top both the Bil...Read More

Rudolph Valentino

Submitted by: Daniela

Rudolph Valentino, was known as, ‘The Latin Lover’ (he was actually Italian), ‘The Great Lover’, ‘The Sheik’, and ‘The Great Lover of the Silver Screen’. Valentino, danced, sang, and acted. The role that shot him t...Read More

Daryl Hannah

Submitted by: Daniela

Daryl Hannah was arguably the 80’s bombshell. No one could forget the torn fishnets and precocious sexuality of ‘basic pleasure model” Pris in, ‘Blade Runner’, or how she could manage to make a fish tail ...Read More

Betty Grable

Submitted by: Daniela

Thanks to one widely distributed photo, Grable became the predominant pin-up girl for soldiers during World War II. Grable’s legs were famously insured by her studio for $1,000,000. She acted in numerous box office hits co-s...Read More

Brigitte Bardot

Submitted by: Daniela

Brigitte Bardot was a sex symbol throughout the 1950’s and ’60’s. She became world famous in 1957 with the release of the controversial film, ‘And God Created Woman’. Bardot was nominated for a BAFTA Award fo...Read More