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The [original] “Honeycomb” entry is so full of errors it’s hard to figure out where to begin. James Frederick Rodgers was born in Camas, WA on 9-18-33. After forming his own group in the Air Force, Jimmie auditio...Read More

Denise Miller

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Jessie in TV Movie “Sooner or Later”...Read More

Brandon Cruz

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Brandon Cruz portrayed Eddie Corbett in The Courtship of Eddie’s Father when he was just 5 until almost 8. He did a few movies and guest spots after that, but trying hard to shed the ‘Eddie’ image he got into pun...Read More

The Cars

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Originating in Boston in 1977 and riding (or perhaps, defining) the New Wave sound, the Cars cranked out 6 million selling albums in a row including hits like Candy-O, Let’s Go, and My Best Friend’s Girl, which hit #3....Read More

Gary Glitter

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Icon of the British pop scene in the 70’s, somewhat of a rock-n-roll version of Liberace…...Read More

Jan Michael Vincent

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Jan Michael Vincent was quite a rising star, Airwolf 1984 movie and subsequent television series, The Mechanic, opposite Charles Bronson, Buster and Billie, Baby Blue Marine, many more too numerous to mention here...Read More

Douglas Barr

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Douglas Barr played the lovable, bumbling Howard ‘Howie’ Munson on “The Fall Guy” (1981) TV Series with Lee Majors and Heather Thomas. He also played Colonel William ‘Bill’ Stillfield on “...Read More

Dee Snider

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Dee Snider was the lead singer of Twisted Sister who released the 80’s metal anthem “We’re Not Going To Take It”. In all fairness, Twisted Sister’s career amounted to more than a “1 hit wonder&#...Read More

Eddie Haskel

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Ken Osmond played the sickenenly smug and contrite Eddie Haskel on Leave it To Beaver. His post-stardom life is far more interesting than Jerry Mathers (the Beaver)....Read More

The Beaver

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Childhood star of “Leave it to Beaver”. Need I say more? Didn’t think so....Read More