The Vapours

Submitted by: Stuntpope

The song “Turning Japanese”, which hit number 3 in the UK in 1979...Read More

Sigue Sigue Sputnik

Submitted by: Stuntpope

The proto-cyberpunkish fad band of the mid 80s who shocked and appalled music afficiandos and critics by selling ad space on their record in the spaces between the tracks. They weren’t that good, but managed to parlay the hy...Read More

Kylie Minogue

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The first time she showed up on the radar in North America was for covering Do The Loco-motion in 1988....Read More

Steve Jones

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Steve Jones was the guitar player of the Sex Pistols. He and drummer Paul Cook resided in the shadows of Sid and Johnny. They were “the other guys” in Sex Pistols....Read More

The Knack

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My Sharona hit number 1 on August 25th, 1979 and stayed there for 6 weeks. I was in grade 6 going into grade 7 and listened to this song whilst enduring my first crush on a girl in my class named Anita Bosshart. She danced with me...Read More

Guy Lafleur

Submitted by: Stuntpope

Montreal Canadians right-winger, was Montreal’s first round draft pick (and first overall) in 1971. It turned out to be a good one, Guy became the first player in NHL history to score 50 goals in a season 6 seasons in a row....Read More


Submitted by: Stuntpope

OHW: “Groove is in the Heart”, 1990. Very big, very catchy hit, Deee-lite was a quirky dance band who was often mistakenly believed to be the stage name of the singer, Lady Kier. Evidence of this misconception was had ...Read More

The Jamaican Bobsled Team

Submitted by: Stuntpope

In the 1988 Calgary winter olympics a country who had never seen a snowfall sent a bobsled team. They did terribly, they crashed, but they were a media sensation, a merchandising wet-dream (I had a Jamaican Bobsled Team sweater my...Read More

The Rogue Trader

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The man who single-handedly ruined England’s oldest bank, Barings, Nick Leeson made such an impession on the media that Ewan McGregor ended up playing him in the movie. In a nutshell, he made some bad derivatives trades whic...Read More

Chester Marcol

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In 1980, Marcol’s last season of his nine-year career as the Packers’ placekicker, he led the team to a bizarre overtime win against the Chicago Bears. In a sequence that would quickly secure itself as one of football&...Read More