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The Ventures

Premier instrumental rock group, soared to the top with hits like Walk Don’t Run, Pipeline, and Slaughter on Tenth Avenue in the 1960s. Members were Don Wilson, Bob Bogle, Nokie Edwards, and Mel Taylor....Read More

Richie Furay

Founding member of two influential bands of the 60’s and 70’s: The Buffalo Springfield and Poco. Later he co-founded The Souther, Hillman & Furay Band....Read More

Men At Work

The band from Australia who came out with great 80’s hits such as Down Under and Who Can It Be?. Men at Work first came onto the scene when they started performing at pubs in Melbourne. In 1982, they hit the big time with th...Read More

Kool And The Gang

You may remember the band Kool & The Gang a hugely successful R&B act from the 70’s that had 10 top 10 hits including Jungle Boogie, Summer Madness, Ladies Night, Joanna, Cherish and Fresh They originally started a...Read More

Corey Hart

Corey Hart was born on May 31, 1962 in Montreal Quebec and is best known for the popular song Sunglasses at Night back in 1983. The song was a smash hit and was followed Never Surrender in 1985. His fame also brought him movie rol...Read More

Debbie Gibson

Debbie Gibson emerged in the late 1980’s and became one the biggest pop stars during the 80’s teen-pop boom. Not only was she a talented singer, but an excellent song writer. The result of her incredible talents were a str...Read More

Cyndi Lauper

Cyndi Lauper was born in Brooklyn, New York on June 22, 1953. She is best known for her popular songs in the 80’s such as, Girls Just Wanna Have Fun and Time After Time. She had always had an interest in music, and at the ag...Read More

Rick Astley

The clean cut 80’s soul boy had his first great hit in July of 1987, Never gonna give you up. He was discovered at the age of 19 by the songwriter Pete Waterman in 1985. He became a big star in the states in a very short tim...Read More

Milli Vanilli

A prefab group masterminded by producer Frank Farian, where he assembled a collection of studio musicians to record his fusion of European dance-pop and American Rap. The esemble lacked “image”, so a pair of aspiring m...Read More

Tom Lehrer

Tom Lehrer is perhaps one of the most unique pioneers of the “cult following” phenomenon: By day a mild-mannered Harvard University professor of mathematics, by night a singer-songwriter of scathing comedic parody as y...Read More