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Amazing Rhythm Aces

By request: “WEHT…the Amazing Rhythm Aces. Popular band from the 70’s ….hit was 3rd. Rate Romance and a grammy in 1977 for The End is not in Sight?” – Giannina Brown....Read More

New Kids On The Block

They were the one of the first modern-day “boybands”, lasting from the late 80’s to the early 90’s. The were the butt of many jokes and were as manufactured as Milli Vanilli....Read More


One of the British Invasion and once called “the British Bob Dylan” for his roots in folk music, Donovan had a number of hits including Sunshine Superman, Mellow Yellow, Jennifer Juniper, Hurdy Gurdy Man (inspired by J...Read More

Billy Ocean

Trinidad born and raised mostly in Great Britain. Billy Ocean enjoyed minor celebrity in European stages and nightclubs in the 1970s before achieving international stardom in 1984 with his smash hit Caribbean Queen over the next 5...Read More

Vincent Clarke

Vince was always an enterprising go-getter. Firstly, he was one of the founding members of Depeche Mode. After finding it too stressful to have fun and write songs at the same time, he left at the end of 1981, and formed Yazoo (OR...Read More

Andrew Fletcher

Keyboardist, Depeche Mode. Andrew , or fletch always looked like he was either on the verge of having a nervous breakdown, or having too much fun during Depeche Modes’s career. Having suffered while “playing the rockst...Read More

Rex Smith

Rex Smith was know as 70’s teen idol rocker. He received his claim to fame when he starred in the hit movie, Sooner or Later, where his hit song, You Take My Breath Away skyrocketed to the charts....Read More

Grace Slick

One of the foremost rock queens of the 1960s & 1970s first headed her own group the Great Society before Paul Kantner urged her to replace girl-singer Signe Anderson in his up-n-coming rock group Jefferson Airplane With her t...Read More

Sinead O’Connor

Irish singer among her hits were Nothing Compares 2 U (which was penned by Prince). Always controversial, she defended the IRA attacked compatriots U2, pissed off Frank Sinatra, declared herself to be a lesbian, and tore up a pict...Read More

Elva Miller

Elva Miller a.k.a Mrs. Miller spent most of her life trying to be a singer. Despite membership in her church glee club and studying voice in Pomona college poor Elva failed miserably to bring joy to the ears of those who listened ...Read More